2020 Capacity reached before you could register? Read On:

Hi everyone, this message is primarily for those who did not get into this year’s Farmer’s Daughter.

Much as we’d like to open the event up to everyone who wants to participate, 500 riders puts a lot of stress on the off-road areas as well as logistics (facilities, aid stations, number of volunteers, etc.), as well as ensuring that we preserve the unique character of the event.

As we said in our reminders to register early, we will not re-open registration beyond our 500 participant cap. However, each year some people who registered find that they can’t make it to the event. BikeReg now has a feature where those people can transfer their registration to someone else who is looking for one. That worked well last year, and is the best way to get in this year. We have created a post on the event’s Facebook page where people having/in need of a slot can find one another. You will then need to coordinate directly with one another via BikeReg’s transfer mechanism. Keep in mind that most of the transfer opportunities arise as we get closer to the event (though I notice that one person has already posted an available transfer in a Facebook comment).

There is one other way to get in this year: we have a few volunteer positions where the volunteer’s duty takes place early in the course. One could ride out to his/her post, execute their responsibilities until the last participant comes through, then rides on through the course. There are very few such opportunities, but the only thing you’d miss out on is the mass start. Please let us know right away if that’s something you’d like to pursue, and we’ll provide details.

7 thoughts on “2020 Capacity reached before you could register? Read On:”

  1. Hi Guys,
    If you are still looking for volunteers on the course, 2 of us would be interested.
    Only problem I have is that I am a volunteer captain for the Lake Placid Ironman and there is rumor that it may be rescheduled for 9-13. We’d be happy to do mechanical on course after post duties.

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for the offer! my apologies for being slow to respond, everything was up in the air. We have decided that it’s still not safe to run the event, and I am just now in the process of ramping everything down. It’s disappointing, but hopefully the country will be in better shape in early 2021. We hope to run it next May. If you’re not riding, please consider volunteering next year.

    1. On the Facebook page there is a post where people with transfers can find people who are looking for them. That’s the best place to try.

    1. Hi Nick, Thanks for asking. My co-director Andy Ruiz coordinates the volunteer assignments, I’ll pass your contact information over to him.

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