For those who were closed out:

Hi everyone, and particularly those of you who weren’t able to register before we reached capacity. After assessing risks, speaking with our sponsors, and working to beef up logistics to ensure that we can handle additional riders, Andy and I are happy to say that we will open registration for 50 more participants in this year’s Farmer’s Daughter Gravel Grinder.Those of you who have been waiting for word on this will be able to register on the BikeReg page starting at 8AM on Friday (March 29). The registration fee will be the normal $60 fee, which includes everything that the first 400 cyclists will get, e.g., the ride itself with all the amenities of our famous aid stations, roving support, a great meal, a free pint of Chatham Brewing Ale, and live entertainment at the finish, a commemorative t-shirt, water bottle, and beer glass, etc.
We have received a number of requests for entry since the cap was reached. We staged the re-opening of registration on Friday so as not to provide an advantage to those who happened to see this message first, but the slots may be filled quickly so be ready to go on Friday at 8 if you want to have a good chance of getting in.
Thanks, Jon and Andy

14 thoughts on “For those who were closed out:”

  1. I am not a facebook user and wish to transfer my registration to someone else who wishes to ride F’s D. Please advise how this can be done, outside of facebook.

    1. Hi Kirk,the only “exchange” we have for transfers is on the Farmer’s Daughter Facebook page. It made most sense to use one place, and the vast majority of participants use Facebook for this. If you have contact information that you wouldn’t mind making public, I will post it there for you so that anyone who’s interested has a way to contact you, or you could join Facebook and use it minimally. Those are the only avenues I can offer.

        1. I’ll post it shortly. I’m not sure how much demand there is as the event is so close, but there has been a fair amount of transfer activity. Good luck.

    2. Phillip Wiliam Darmstadt

      Hey Kirk it’s Phill from overlook .l would gladly take your registration. I just don’t how the transfer works . Thanks man

      1. Hi Phil,
        Did you get this done? The transfer process can be done via BikeReg. It is described in detail on the Facebook site (and, I think, in a post here). Let me know if you still need help.

    1. I will make it available a bit later this week, on or before Thursday morning. I will post it here and on Facebook, and we’ll also email it to all participants. It’s essentially the same as last year’s, but there are a couple of minor clarifications in the cue sheet. I’m still working on the updated Ride Guide, which at least attempts to give some current conditions guidance, so I usually don’t publish that until Wednesday of the week leading up to the event. If you are pre-riding the course, please stay off the off-road sections, we only have permission to use most of those on Sunday, and some of the property owners are very strict about that.

    1. Hi Rob, sorry, I missed your first request. Use the Facebook page for Farmer’s Daughter. I posted something there that should serve as a place for people to find one another. More people are active there than on this site, and for other reasons, comments are moderated here, which would slow everything down. Good luck!

  2. I checked the registration at 8:50 this morning, and it was closed out. Just checking to confirm that those last 50 slots are gone.

    1. Yes, they went very quickly, less than 10 minutes. Sorry you missed it. Keep an eye out for transfers, there are always a few people who find that they can’t make it and offer to transfer their entry.

  3. I attempted signing up and it sold out within 8 minutes because I couldn’t get to a computer fast enough. Is there a waiting list?

    1. I’m sorry, but no, we have a hard cap of 450. But do keep an eye out for transfers, there are always a few people who find that they can’t make it and offer to transfer their entry.

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