Final Course Map

Here’s a link to the official 2018 FDGG course map. We publish this shortly before the event so that you can look it over, download the gpx file, etc. You are also welcome to pre-ride any of the road sections. However, the off-road sections are normally closed to public use by bicycle. Most are on private property and available for you to ride through the generosity of land owners. Please do not pre-ride these sections; if we abuse the privilege we will lose access to these trails that form an important part of the Farmer’s Daughter experience every year.

This should be the final version of this year’s course map, barring any errors I may find in a final edit. Keep in mind that the distances on the off-road segments are approximate, and not as ridden. I’ve used satellite data to get them as close as possible, but discrepancies will affect mileage accuracy overall.

The on-road parts of the course will be marked with arrows on the pavement and on signs, with signs and tape on the off-road sections as well. There will also be moto support and volunteers at any spots that might be tricky. We all work hard to keep you from taking a wrong turn! We think that the best rides are those where you never need to use your cue sheet, but it’s always good to have one handy.

Rest stops are indicated on the cue sheet. They are (1) water only at approximately mile 16.5, (2) Bountiful Bread’s truly amazing rest stop at approximately mile 27.5, (3) Coldstone Creamery ice cream and water at the summit of the hardest climb, Dean Hill Rd. at approximately mile 39.5, and (4) the final aid station with plenty of great treats as well as water and sports drinks at approximately mile 47. After that (and between formal rest stops) you’re pretty much on your own, though there will be roving support on the course throughout the day, and they typically have some water on hand.

9 thoughts on “Final Course Map”

  1. Christian Bratina


    Fabulous ride today, the hills were very hard indeed. The food was excellent and really brings people back. Thanks for all the work.

    1. Thanks for the generous praise, Christian, and for joining us again this year! We hope to see you again in 2018.

  2. Chuck Christophersen


    Based on the posted map, it appears that the Ooms off-road section comes at the end of the ride not the beginning.

    Is that the case? Just curious.



    1. Yes, it’s true. It’s one of a couple of changes we made this year. Our change in venue got us thinking about ways we could improve on a couple of things that had bothered us with the original course. Without going into detail, we were able to eliminate some backtracking as you came out of Ooms as well as any overlap in the course other than in the first and last 1/4 mile. We think you’ll agree that it flows much better this way. Also, we found a way to get everyone on a nice off-road section very quickly from the start. It’s not too challenging, and about 20 minutes long, so a nice way to warm up before hitting the rest of the course.

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