A Few Important Updates

I hope everyone is looking forward to riding this year’s Farmer’s Daughter on Sunday.  Here are a few quick important notes:

First, the all-important weather forecast: Andy and I have been out working to make sure that all the off-road segments are trimmed back and free of excessive debris (e.g.,  no downed trees to jump). The weather this week is drying everything nicely. There’s still the occasional puddle in the woods, but it looks like conditions will be excellent by Sunday. For those of you who have been waiting to make a decision about tires, that means file treads or an all purpose tread will be fine for most of us. The prediction for Sunday itself is fora mostly cloudy day with temperatures in the mid-70s and 0% chance of rain, low winds, and low humidity. Just about perfect for a long day’s ride!

Second, online registration closes this Friday, May 19, 2017 at 5:00 PM ET. As of now, we have 341 people registered, and based on last year’s statistics we are likely to hit our cap of 400, so please register soon if you’re coming, we will not go above 400 participants. If we are under 400 on Friday night we’ll post a note indicating that we’ll have registration on site as well.

Third, I know this is the time that a lot of people are looking for details on the course, gpx files, etc. We finalized the course today, and will post it for download shortly, hopefully tomorrow.  For those of you who have ridden it in past years, it is basically the same, but with a few tweaks that were made possible because of the new venue. Speaking of which,

Fourth, for anyone who’s ridden previous Farmer’s Daughter events, please remember that the venue has changed. It s NOT at the Columbia County Fairgrounds, but at Crellin Town Park in Chatham. A map from which you can get directions is on the Directions page of the Farmer’s Daughter website.

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