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Reflections on a Milestone

When a very small group of us first started talking seriously in the depths of the winter about organizing the Farmer’s Daughter Gravel Grinder, I privately set a milestone of 150 registered participants as the mark that we had reached the point where we could feel confident that the event would be a success. We passed that milestone this morning.

Thanks very much to all of you who have registered, and we hope to see many more register between now and May 17th.

We’ve gone to great lengths to provide for you everything that we would want in an event like this: great price, great course, lots of support, great aid stations, food, beer, and lots more. In the end, though, this event will be a success because of the people who ride it. Especially since it’s not a race, the experience of this ride will be magnified by the people around you, those who share it with you. Hopefully, you’ll all have some old friends along with you, and will take the time to make some new friends along the way. When I think of the most memorable cycling experiences I’ve had, they all involved good people with whom I shared the day. Looking at the diversity of people that have decided to join us on the 17th, a mix of family, old friends, and people we hope to make new friends, from locations all across the northeast, all the ingredients are now in place to make this inaugural Farmer’s Daughter ride one of those special moments for all of us. Again, thanks for joining us on this adventure!


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