The Farmer's Daughter Gravel Grinder

Chatham, NY May 21, 2017

Photos from our event photographer Barry Koblenz

Hi everyone, I’m in the midst of writing an event post for yesterday, look for it later. But I had to get this out to you right away. Our official event photographer Barry Koblenz just sent me the link to his portfolio from yesterday. There are many great shots here, and I thought you’d like to get a look at them as soon as possible. I haven’t gotten through all of them yet, and there are a number that really capture the great atmosphere of yesterday’s event. You’ll have to look through to find pictures of yourself since we don’t make you wear a number, but it’s well worthwhile! Barry’s prices are very affordable, so if you see a picture (or more) that you like, please buy a photo from him to memorialize the ride.

Jon Stillman • May 16, 2016

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